Company Information

The mission of Premium Pork: "To encourage profit and opportunity for America's pork industry."

Producers Livestock Marketing Association (PLMA) is a nonstock livestock marketing cooperative organized in 1937 under the laws of the State of Nebraska. Producers began marketing hogs over 75 years ago beginning in the Omaha, Nebraska, Sioux City, Iowa, and St. Joseph, Missouri Stockyards.

By the mid 1980's as stockyard markets began to dwindle, Producers introduced direct marketing off farm into packing plants.

In 1994 Producers introduced it's Premium Pork program. This program was designed to assist pork producers in group marketing high quality hogs selectively to processors who could maximize the value of these specific pigs in the meat market.

In the first decade of 2000, Producers formed relationships with a number of producer groups and processors and introduced several unique financed futures hedging products.

Today, Producers works with numerous business entities maximizing the value of hogs in the marketplace through the Premium Pork program and affiliated futures and financial services.

About Us

  • A Cooperative offering Livestock Marketing, Credit and Commodities Trading
  • Established in Omaha, Nebraska in 1937
  • Annual Livestock Sales Exceed $1 Billion
  • Loans in Place Exceed $100 Million

Comments from Producers Premium Pork Program Users

"I love doing business with PLMA. I call them when I have hogs to sell knowing that they will market my hogs to the packer where my hogs will command the best premium according to their grid matrix. They handle lining up transportation too. I also manage market risk through PLMA because I know I can trust their advice, they handle all the margin calls, and we can settle up for gains or losses when I actually market my hogs through them. It's a win-win situation. I won't do business anywhere else!"

Dean Luehr  - Nebraska

"As an independent pork producer, one of my concerns through the years was whether or not I would have a market for my hogs. I felt I could compete raising hogs, but I would be at a disadvantage marketing compared to the big operators. Because of the staff at Producers Livestock, we are competitive in the marketplace. Producers is able to market our hogs at a better price due to the volume of hogs they work with."

Dale Ludwig  - Iowa

"As a business person I promote Producers Premium Pork program because I see Producers as a company that I can trust. I don't have to look over my shoulder. There aren't any 'games' being played and I can be confident in my dealings. This is a real luxury.

The Agents I work with are always working in our best interest and we have a great line of communication. That makes life easier too.

Another bonus is we get to move pigs to buyers where they fit the best. I know we're making more money because of that. We wish we'd found out about Producers sooner. They have excellent service and excellent people to deal with."

Dave Schwerin  - Minnesota

"I like the fact that Producers finds the plant and the market that my hogs will do the best at. Having someone I can depend on takes the burden off of me. Producers does a better job than what I can. I also like marketing with a group. As an individual you pretty much have to take whatever is offered to you. I'm convinced that we get a better price as a group. I like the ACH direct deposit too. My money is in the bank two to three days faster than it used to be. Premium Pork is a good program."

Daryl Muilenburg  - Iowa

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