Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions we hear pork producers ask:

A: We can assist pork producers in many segments of their enterprise including live butcher hog marketing, sourcing and selling of iso-wean or feeder pigs, risk management through the use of our hedge contract or cash flow contracts, and credit and financing available through our Credit division. More detailed information about these programs can be found under the marketing, contracts, and finance buttons at the top of the home page.
A: No, we can assist you in the marketing or risk management of whatever portion of your production you would like.
A: Just give one of the pork agents a call and we can discuss the needs you have and the different ways that we can help you.
A: We work with nearly all of the major packers in the mid-west, as well as some of the smaller, more niche oriented packers.
A: We have a formulated market or arrangement with many of the packers we work with to assure you a competitive market as well as market accessibility; and depending on packer needs and demands, we also cash negotiate and sell pigs in the spot market.
A: If you have your own truck or trucking service that you prefer we encourage you to use them, otherwise we would be glad to line up the transportation for delivery.
A: We receive the settlement information from the packers the day after the pigs are harvested, then we immediately process the sale. If your pigs were sold on a packer's grade and yield matrix you will receive the grade and yield sheets, and the entire settlement and proceeds will be mailed to you the same day; or if you would like your funds direct deposited we can do that, and also email you the entire settlement so you instantly receive the details.
A: We charge a small fee for our marketing services that will be deducted from your settlement check. Please call one of our agents for more details.