Managed Marketing for Butchers

For hog production investors or off-farm retained-ownership ISO-wean/feeder-pig producers who have hogs being finished - or want them fed - away from the investors/producers facilities and in the State of Iowa (States touching Iowa may also be considered).

Because Producers Livestock has staff covering Iowa with connections to hog producers, contract grower/finishers, packers and feed and grain companies, Producers is uniquely able to assist off-site owners of pigs in arranging and supporting the finishing of their pigs at facilities throughout Iowa and near top packing plants. And because Producers provides marketing, financing and price risk management programs, Producers can not only help place those investment or retained-ownership pigs on finishing floors in Iowa, we're also able to help keep an eye on them during the production stage, price protect them with Hedge or Cash Flow Contracts, and then market them to the best available packer matrix for the hogs being produced.

Optimum location to top packers with top notch cash pricing and price risk management, plus financing. That's a win-win for the investor/retained ownership producer, the packer getting the right hog at their plant, and the feeder/finisher.

We'll help

  • Find reputable contract finishing facilities
  • Find reputable feed/grain providers
  • Arrange financing of the feeding venture
  • Keep an eye on production during the feeding stage
  • Provide full service futures trading services
  • Provide Hog Hedge Contracts and Cash Flow Contracts
  • Source ISO and/or feeder pigs
  • Provide sales/marketing, cash/contract of butcher hogs
  • Assist in managing basis at delivery of cash/hedge transactions
  • Arrange trucking of hogs to the packer
  • Provide collection and fund distribution at close out

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Territory West of Des Moines, Iowa

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