VIP with Shackle-Space Assurance+

For butcher hog producers, this contractual agreement between the pork producer and Producers Livestock assures the producer access to Producers packer-marketing agreements and arrangements so they never have to be concerned about getting their hogs sold and processed at competitive market prices.

Because Producers has arrangements with numerous packing companies, this single agreement assures a pork producer with weekly sales of high-quality butcher hogs shackle-space assurance to top markets at more than one packer. And provides the freedom to change which packer they deliver too, based on changes in the producers hogs, and/or changes in the packing company matrix. And as a VIP pork producer, you gain access to Producers exclusive Feed Hedge Contact (not available to non-VIP producers), a futures-based tool designed to control corn and soy meal costs.

Optimum price from the optimum market for the hog produced. That's a win-win for the producer and the packer.

We provide

  • Shackle space assurance
  • Access to multiple packer programs/matrixes
  • Packing plant choice per delivery
  • Trucking arrangement/coordination as desired
  • Sales collection, distribution, settlements
  • Access to Feed Hedge Contract add-on
  • Access to Hog Hedge Contract add-on
  • Access to Cash Flow Contract add-on
  • Full service Futures Trading
  • Production Financing

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